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Adirondack Chairs on lawn on the Shore of a Lake at Sunset


Hello, and thank you for reaching out today. I welcome the opportunity to work together in affirmative prayer, aligning thought with the ever present divine Love that “always has met and always will meet every human need.”* Whether that need is spiritual, emotional, physical or financial, an acknowledgement of our oneness with the divine Source of all good brings practical, progressive results.

As when a boat moves forward over the water, and the wake follows behind naturally and effortlessly, so as our thought moves forward spiritually, our life experiences adjust harmoniously and naturally.

Barbara E. Molter
Spiritual Practitioner in the Christian Science Tradition

*Mary Baker Eddy

RECORDED TALK: Prayerful Immunity Building – June 7, 2021

Date: Monday, June 7, 2021
Time:  2 hours
Cost: $18.00

Sponsored by the Infinity Foundation in Highland Park, Illinois.

Build and strengthen your immunity by identifying more closely with your divine nature. Through spiritual affirmations, based in metaphysical truths, access a deeper reality of your health, a natural condition, sourced in divine Spirit.

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